Evolution of value
TULUM, MX | January 16-18
Second Year Anniversary Gathering
Exclusive, by invitation only
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For its second anniversary, Futurama Innovators will be traveling to the heart of the lost Mayan civilization of Tulum.
The Mayan civilization remains to be one of the world's unsolved mysteries filled with inspiring innovation in all fields. The whole empire was built decentralized, right in the middle of the rainforest, sustaining the harsh climate.

Our devoted community is driven by the belief that collaborative disruption will be a catalyst that ushers in a new era of innovation. We are gathering the like-minded to contribute their knowledge, experience, and efforts toward sustainable development for the world of tomorrow.
Day 0: Resort brach club: Evening Welcome Reception with authentic mayan music & art

Day 1: Resort rooftop: Keynotes, Panel Discussions in the morning till lunch & later Sunset Networking Session on a 100' Sails Catamaran to Cozumel island with our resident DJ Veronica Fleyta.

Day 2: Jungle resort venue: Panel Discussions, ATD Use Case Study Sessions, Company Presentations, Half Day Mayan Cultural Experience and NIght Party Networking session with DJ amazing mexican Dj Akbar.

- OPTIONAL : Sightseeing travel to CHICHEN ITZA & COBA pyramids
Futurama is not a profit-oriented event - as a community, we are creating an environment where the ideas can flourish with the help of collective experience. We can't do this by ourselves and need your support.
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